SCALABLE offers Training Workshops for all of our products that teach new users to become proficient with the tools quickly. We also assist experienced modelers by teaching power user techniques and showcasing the newest features.

Training Workshops are also an excellent opportunity for customers to provide feedback on SCALABLE products, which helps us ensure that our software best serves your needs.

A typical SCALABLE Training Workshop is a 3-day program with an optional short 4th day covering the Cyber Library.  Each day, the lab exercises get progressively more advanced.

  • Day 1 provides an introduction and refresher course  to the graphical user interface and networking concepts
  • Day 2 features advanced simulation concepts
  • Day 3 covers EXata and emulation
  • Day 4 (optional) half day covers more advanced topics on the Cyber Library for EXata 

We invite you to bring your own questions or technical issues, submit them on Day One, Two, or Day Three along with optional Day Four.  Our consultants will address your issues individually or to the group, depending on time constraints.

Workshop attendees receive a booklet of exercises and coursework. 

On-site training courses are also available upon request. 

Upcoming Workshops

Course ID: 141007

Date: TBD

Location: Los Angeles, CA