Innovative Products

SCALABLE has developed a family of software products that enable network engineers, systems engineers, application engineers, IT managers, software developers, communication specialist, radio technicians and anyone else involved in moving data, voice and video over a communication fabric to definitively answer the question: ‘Will the comms work 100 percent?”

Using a high performance, high fidelity discrete event simulation engine, extremely accurate “virtual” models of a communication environment can be created, and then analyzed through a series of scenarios to identify where there are weak points or failure modes. The “lab-based risk reduction” methodology is repeatable, verifiable and highly cost effective.

Network Simulator with pre-existing communication network models. Interface to constructive simulators.

  • Scalability to tens of thousands of nodes
  • Faster-than- real-time simulation
  • Ability to develop custom models
  • High-fidelity models deliver more accurate results 
  • Cost-effective “lab-based risk reduction” network simulation technology


Network Simulator plus Emulator to integrate with live equipment and applications. Test with the physical world. Determine the impact of cyber attacks.

  • Integrating virtual network models seamlessly with physical equipment
  • Real-time simulation 
  • System-in- the-Loop emulation interface 
  • Additional Cyber library with comprehensive list of cyber attacks


A Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) cyber range to train cyber warriors, commanders and network operators.

  • Includes representation of wireless equipment and applications
  • Seamlessly federate with other commercial or military training systems
  • Extensive list of cyber attacks
  • Ability to combine both simulated and real cyber-attacks in an exercise
  • After Action Review module to capture, record and replay all actions and trainee behavior


A Government-Off- The-Shelf (GOTS) library that works in conjunction with JNE. Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) framework for network simulation, test, and evaluation of operational networks defenses against cyber attacks on battlefield communication networks.

  • Ability to model large-scale cyber threats on networks with hundreds to thousands of wired and wireless components
  • Scalability to test attacks on large communication networks
  • Interoperable in both live and virtual environments
  • Cyber test and analysis metrics to analyze the operational impact of cyber offense and defense strategies


Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) library that runs on EXata. Live-Virtual- Constructive (LVC) simulation platform for the development, test, and evaluation of battlefield communications networks. Interface with live physical hardware and fully integrate live battlefield application.

  • Includes a collection of models for battlefield communications
  • Used across the military for planning, testing and training purposes
  • Communications scenarios in JNE can be recorded and replayed
  • Ability to create and run a variety of simulated radio waveform models