15 Years Modeling and SimulationSCALABLE was founded in 1999 by Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, a Professor of Computer Science at UCLA. He and his research groups had achieved significant innovations in the theory and practice of performance prediction for complex, large-scale computer and communication systems. Dr. Bagrodia recognized the opportunity to translate that academic work into powerful commercial products.

Experience with research projects such as Maisie, Parsec, and GloMoSim first led to the creation of SCALABLE's QualNet® network simulation product line. QualNet tools enable users to build "software virtual networks" which accurately predict the behavior of dynamic communications environments. Simulations are run in "virtual time" which reduces many hours of real-time communications to just seconds of processing while maintaining high precision. This allows large numbers of detailed simulation scenarios to be analyzed very rapidly.

In 2008, SCALABLE introduced the EXata® simulation platform which lets users integrate software virtual network models with live networks, network elements and networked applications. This EXata "mixed-mode" technology dramatically expands the power of network simulation and delivers high-definition understanding of how diverse networks of fixed and mobile devices will actually perform under real-world variable conditions.  Mixed-mode simulations run at precise real-time speeds to provide a highly realistic environment for training users on both current and emerging communications equipment, and to offer a cost-effective way to plan for and evaluate transitions to new generations of technology.

Responding to the emergence of the global cyber battlefield, SCALABLE expanded the product family with the release of the EXata+Cyber simulation system in 2010. The platform allows users to build software virtual networks of sophisticated TCP/IP communications environments and then integrate in mixed mode with third-party applications such as protocol analyzers and network management systems. This creates a highly realistic environment for training network engineers on how to defend against cyber attacks.

For over 15 years, SCALABLE has been leading the modeling and simulation world with the continuous advancement of our network simulation program featuring a broad range of network tools for design and analysis and cyber training, test and analysis systems that enable customers around the world to develop, test and deploy large, sophisticated wireless networks and communications equipment.  We continue to invest development resources in order to maintain our technical superiority with regard to the scale and performance we offer the network planning and operations community.

Our focus has always been on providing modeling and simulation tools, software, and services to help defense agencies, government organizations, commercial enterprises and research institutions. Our core technologies have allowed us to achieve these goals.

Core Technologies Network Tools

SCALABLEs’ modeling and simulation tools offer a unique solution to many everyday challenges faced by business and governments throughout the world. We lower the cost of designing, analyzing and testing network-centric devices and systems and reduce the time, cost and risks of developing and deploying new technologies. Our network tools ensure the availability and performance of mission critical wireless networks and applications and allow for the integration of realistic cyber effects into live, virtual and constructive training exercises.