Data Collection and Network Visualization

Operational visualizations of a modeled system and an associated mission can provide valuable insights beyond those obtained from a purely statistical analysis of the data collected from a simulation run. SCALABLE engineers have significant expertise both in data collection, reduction, and analysis (DCRA) as well as with operational visualizations of mission execution using communication-and network-enabled systems.    

SCALABLE has developed an extensible and comprehensive statistics database that can record, at packet-level granularity, performance metrics at each layer of the protocol stack, for each communication link, path, or subnet in the model, and the data can be displayed in real-time during the execution of a simulation or be used for offline analysis. SCALABLE has also interfaced its models with a variety of live data collection and network monitoring tools as well as with network management systems.

SCALABLE has an experienced and diverse team of engineers that have participated in a variety of network and cyber test events at DoD test ranges over a period of many months, performing interoperability testing, following prescribed test procedures and documenting the result. Our engineers assist planners and IT system administrators to model their networked environments at the appropriate fidelity, and efficiently run through a wide range of realistic potential operating scenarios, including cyber attacks, to ensure that the networks and supported applications will perform as required.

SCALABLE has developed a suite of internal network visualization tools, including the Scenario Player (SP). By using the Scenario Player, we can provide high quality visuals of the platforms, network elements, and their interactions during the execution of a simulation scenario.The network visualizations can be used to identify any potential communication hot spots, network partitions, and also to visualize relevant metrics (e.g., bandwidth or latency) on a link or a subnet. Thus our engineers can create custom reports and network visualizations to allow rapid identification of performance problems and effectiveness of alternative mitigation strategies. 

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