Critical Infrastructure

Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure

Cyber threats against public utilities and other critical infrastructure are now just as common as attacks on governmental and corporate computing environments.  But, instead of simply losing sensitive data, malicious attacks against power generation and distribution systems, water treatment plants, and transportation facilities can disrupt commerce and daily life across a wide area.

There is a pressing need for operators to determine how resilient their communications fabric is to cyber attacks and to develop plans to mitigate the associated risks.  

SCALABLE develops network modeling and simulation tools that enable engineers and planners to describe existing or proposed network designs and architectures as virtual network models.  These high fidelity models are used to simulate and predict the behavior of networked environments based on various operational scenarios, including cyber attacks.

ParsonsSCALABLE is working with Parsons to leverage network modeling and simulation for critical infrastructure in order to more effectively identify and visualize the impact of cyber attacks on monitoring and control systems.

We are working together to develop advanced virtual models of SCADA protocols and to create best practices for services to increase systems availability and lower operational risks.


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