US Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Centre (AMRDEC)

AMRDEC has built a Cyber Security Test Bed (CSTB) for performing engineering assessments of the cyber resiliency of various AIAMD (Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense) components. The AIAMD system uses the Integrated Fire Control Network (IFCN) to perform its communications and networking functions. AMRDEC uses JNE to emulate the IFCN within the testbed. The StealthNet cyber attack and defense library in JNE is used within the CSTB to perform cyber and EW attacks on the virtual network to analyze the likely impact of such attacks on the systems.

CSTB will leverage a mix of live, virtual, and constructive components. Its goal is to provide a controlled, validated, and repeatable test environment that can test both legacy and new systems, and scale from running component level tests that can be effectively scaled to the test of an entire system of systems. CSTB will provide an effective environment that can provide a mechanism to test blue systems against cyber threats that are continuously evolving and growing and will support such tests throughout the product lifecycle. We created an environment and methodology for testing blue systems against cyber attacks in order to discover and validate vulnerabilities and to assess mission impact.

AMRDECAMRDEC is also initiating a Tactical Cyber Awareness Technology (TCART) initiative to detect, classify, and mitigate cyber attacks on a tactical network. AMRDEC will integrate JNE with IAMDSIM in order to collect information on the baseline network operations in various scenarios. This data can then be used to train the Tactical Cyber Technology Behavioral Models (TCT BM) developed at CERDEC to better meet its objectives.

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