Solutions to model and visualize communication networks and cyber threats

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Network Simulation

QualNet: (network simulator) accurate, faster-than-real-time network simulation software that can scale to large enterprise-wide systems.

EXata: (network simulator and emulator) for real-time network emulation and system-in-the-loop operation, integrating hardware, applications, and humans.

EXata Cyber: (EXata plus the Cyber Behavior Model Library) evaluate networks for their resiliency or vulnerability to cyber attack.

Joint Network Emulator (JNE)

The Joint Network Emulator (JNE) GOTS library is a live-virtual-consturctive network simulation platform for the development, test and evaluation of battlefield communications networks, applications and net-centric systems. JNE provides a realistic network operational environment to test and evaluate performance at scale for a fraction of the cost of field exercises.

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Cyber Training, Test and Analysis

Network Defense Trainer (NDT) integrates real and simulated cyber-attacks, wired and wireless virtual networks, live and virtual equipment and applications, and traditional kinetic warfare training simulators into a full, instrumented, synthetic cyber warfare training environment.

Govt & Commercial Contracting

SCALABLE Provides Custom Software Solutions And Engineering Services To Commercial Enterprises, Defense Contractors, US Government Agencies, Research Organizations And Universities Around The World.

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SCALABLE provides custom software solutions and engineering services to commercial enterprises, defense contractors, US government agencies, research organizations and universities around the world.
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